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Jiangsu Yangjie Runau Semicondutor Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of power semiconductor devices in China. For nearly 30 years, Runau has acquired the expertise to provide the most innovative solutions to ensure the reliable performance of power electronics devices. In January of 2021, as a corporated company of Yangzhou Yangjie Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd, the main-board published corporation in China main land,? Runau is approaching to a great development of manufacturing capability in high power semicondutor applications. Whenever matters required, our technicians, engineers, production team and sales force work closely with our customers to ensure the high quality, availability, and energetic performance of their electrical facilities.


  • CHIP千-嬴-国-际-娱-乐


    High quality standard
    Excellent consistency parameters
    Thyristor chip: 25.4mm–99mm
    Rectifier chip: 17mm–99mm

  • Thyristor千-嬴-国-际-娱-乐


    Phase Control Thyristor
    Rating 100-5580A 100-8500V
    Fast Switch Thyristor
    Rating 100-5000A 100-5000V

  • Press-pack IGBT(IEGT)

    Press-pack IGBT(IEGT)

    High power capacity
    Easy series connected
    Good anti-shock
    Excellent thermal performance

  • power assembly

    power assembly

    Rotating rectifier excitation
    High voltage stack
    Rectifier bridge
    AC switch

  • rectifier diode

    rectifier diode

    Standard Diode
    Fast Diode
    Welding Diode
    Rotating Diode

  • heat sink

    heat sink

    SF Series Air Cool
    SS Series Water Cool

  • power module series

    power module series

    International standard package
    Compress structure
    Excellent temperature characteristics
    Easy install and maintain